About Us


To engage our communities on the systemic problems we, and our planet, face by organizing and mobilizing those community residents that want to create change through collective power.

Core Values

The power of the individual in collaboration with other individuals.
Fighting for liberation in our society and planet using an intersectional approach.
Creating safe spaces that utilize anti-oppressive practice and transparency to guide our work.

Inclusive Statement

Our coalition seeks to build power for all people. We recognize that history, the economic system, unequal opportunities, and physical/mental abilities have created a non-level field. In all of our activities, internal and external, we will make a priority of the needs of those who are disadvantaged by the system. Our coalition will not exclude anyone based on: race; social or economic status, national origin, sexuality, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, religious belief, or lack thereof, citizenship, or criminal record, including incarceration.

Points of Unity

Our Coalition is…

  • multi-issue coalition that engages, organizes, and mobilizes communities
  • united by holding government, and social, institutions accountable for their actions.
  • not represented by a singular political view and does not support political candidates
Our goals are…

  • to address the systemic violence within our current system, and mapping out the control it has over us.
  • to create transformative work by instigating and supporting radical democracy from below
  • to create a safe spaces, where everyone is allowed to come together to listen, speak and act
  • to avoid creating a list of demands that can be pigeon-holed, manipulated or leveraged against
  • to conduct actions with multiple strategies and tactics
  • To stand in opposition to any oppressive behavior.
  • To commit to doing the difficult work of community organizing and fostering leadership within our organization.
We will succeed by…

  • conducting a democratic decision-making process within the coalition
  • having mutual respect for each other.
  • Show solidarity among coalition members