Organizing Strategies


Fighting for change does not come from a singular strategy, or tactic. In order to make real change means that a collective of individuals need to build at the community level, empower those also want to see change, inspire other in the community to join forces, so that a culture of resistance will go up against an oppressive system. Our coalition will utilize the following organizing models, when addressing the root problems in our community. We also partner with other organizations to provide the necessary training sessions for coalition members and the public.


Community Movement Assemblies
We cannot fight the injustices around us individually. Working in collective action is the only way to confront those in power and those that work with power. Community Movement Assemblies is a way to collectively answers: What are the problems we face? What are the solutions? And what are we going to do about it? We model from the Peoples Movement Assemblies as well as Cooperation Jackson.

Story-based Strategy, Center of Story-based Strategies
This participatory approach that links community building with an analysis of narrative power and places storytelling at the center of change

Building Relationships
Relationships are the building blocks for all community organizing activities. Building and sustaining relationships are at the heart of organizing communities. The strength of community lies in the strength of the connections that we have with each other. With strong connections, people have the power to make real change.

Broad-based Organizing
Organizing across socio-economic areas in our communities, plus outreach that is multi-ethnic, multi-racial, grounded by intersectional feminism. As a way increase integration in our organizing work.

Power Mapping, LittleSis
This visual tool aids figuring out who has influence, how they influence others, and who else is being influenced.

Emergent Strategy
Emergent strategy is a set of actions, or behavior, consistent over time, “a realized pattern [that] was not expressly intended” in the original planning of strategy. Emergent strategy implies that an organization is learning what works in practice. Mixing the deliberate and the emergent strategies in some way will help the organization to control its course while encouraging the learning process.