ACT for Justice

P.O.W.E.R Coalition is committed to help communities build their respective capacity through skills and education that are part of grassroots organizing. Activism and community organizing is about unveiling the mainstream power dynamics that keep the people in their place. All of us want to have a community that is worthy of our dreams. To do this we need strong, powerful grassroots organizations, organizers, and activists who are directly affected. Even veteran organizers and activists need continuing education and training, due to the evolving nature of organizing and activism. Workshops and related training sessions are facilitated by coalition staff as well as a range of organizers, activists, political strategists, and related individuals that are associated with the coalition.

Those that join the coalition have to go through a weekend training. The training will cover topics, but not limited to:
Community Organizing
Coalition Building
Group Dynamics
Building power

Participants in will also learn about the strategies that the coalition utilizes. No fees are applied for coalition members. Training sessions can be offered to community, grassroots organizations, campaigns, etc. Sliding scale fee per person: $20-$45

Development and Support
Development and support are available to coalition members, plus to community organizations and individuals. This is designed to build both skill provide personal support structures that are engaged in organizing, activism, campaigning, and political strategy. Training available include:
Media Relations
Facilitation Skills
Effective Meetings
Privilege and Oppression Awareness
Art and Activism