ACT for Justice

P.O.W.E.R has facilitated training workshops on organizing, activism, and campaigning for nearly 20 years.  Below are the following services we provide.


Our training program, ACT For Justice, provides a curriculum for those that want to become organizers, activists, and campaigner.  This came be done over a series of weekends or a whole weekend.  Topics in the training program are:
Power, Intersectionality, Community Organizing 101, Coalition Building, Developing A Campaigning, Group Dynamics, and Leadership.

Sliding scale
Series of Weekends (3) for 4 hours: $20-$45/person
Weekend Training– Friday Night 6PM to 8PM, Saturday 10AM to 2PM, Sunday 10AM to 12PM: $100-$800

Development and Support
Development and support are available to those that have taken the training.  We believe that building support for those that we train is important growth for an individual and organization

Specific Training and Workshops.
The following are other topics we offer for those that want to enhance their organizing, activism, and campaigning experience. The sliding scale for these workshops will be $20-$45/person, $100-$500 for the organization.

Civil Disobedience/Non-Violence
Economic Activism
Media Activism
Franchise Activism
Youth Activism
Propaganda/Alternative Media
History of Social Movements
History of Radicalism
Research Methods for Activism
Guerrilla Marketing
Direct Action

Community Organizing
Digital Organizing
Faith-based Organizing
One-on-One Organizing
Designing a message
Developing Community Meetings
Research Methods for Community Organizing

Crafting a campaign message
Campaign Communications
Precinct Analysis
Target Voters
Campaign Media
Campaigning In Rural Areas
Organizing Issue-based Town Halls